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Gypsum Powder

Surfin' Spores

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【Superior Soil Amendment】- Transform your garden with our gypsum powder, expertly designed to combat soil compaction. Its soil-structuring power promotes excellent water penetration and robust root development, setting the stage for flourishing plant life.

【Mycology-Grade Substrate Enhancer】- Elevate your mushroom cultivation with a substrate that supports vigorous mycelium growth. Our gypsum powder ensures an optimal growing environment, fostering the development of abundant, healthy fruiting bodies.

【Lab-Grade Purity】- Quality is at the heart of our product. Our gypsum powder is lab-tested for purity, assuring you of its excellence and effectiveness. It's the premium choice for those who demand the best for their cultivation projects.

【Calcium Sulfate Richness】- Packed with calcium sulfate, our gypsum provides a critical nutrient to fortify your plants, encouraging stronger stems and lusher growth.

【HEPA-Filtered Packaging】- We take no chances when it comes to quality. Our gypsum is packaged in a HEPA-filtered enclosure to ensure it reaches you without any contamination, maintaining its integrity from our facility to your garden or grow room.

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