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Bulk Mushroom Substrate

Surfin' Spores

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Expert-Crafted Quality- Professionally mixed, hydrated and pasteurized by experienced mycologists, our substrate blends premium coco coir, vermiculite, and gypsum for healthy mycelial growth.

Plant-Powered Longevity- Our eco-friendly CVG substrate surpasses manure-based with a longer shelf life, lower risk of contamination, and no foul smells.

Optimized for Variety- Whether you're cultivating gourmet or medicinal varieties, our substrate is the grower's choice for producing abundant and healthy mushrooms.

Ready to Grow- No prep work needed, simply add 3lbs of colonized grain to our 5lb substrate and fruit inside the bag or use in monotub grows.


Comes in 5lb XL 5 micron fruiting bags. For wholesale inquire here.

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